Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Who is King in SEO

As everyone is aware of link building and content of website, who is king among these. Most of the SEO think that link building is a king, but in what ways never know. I also observed that link building is a king but never believe in it. Both the processes has importance in some places. following is the answer of it.

Creating Articles allows website to tell guests what all about it is. It represents services/products of a website with an established side. Creating Articles can only be done when you are completely ready to compose with expertise in sentence structure on a particular subject. While writing content on any subject content authors focus on key terms as per the page subject or service to help website achieve greater rankings in all significant the search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. As everybody knows that content may not be current after a week/year. Articles is current one time or two times but no more than this. If you are doing such things then you are no more going to achieve greater rankings and the search engines will not depend on your website too. To keep your website rated greater in the search engines you need to do some stuff on link building.
The process of Link Building helps web pages to come up in greater position in Google for years. This process of connecting your web page to other related sites informs Google to rely on your web page and the result would be better position for your web page. As many as back links from popular sites you get chances of greater position in Google will increase accordingly.

Content Writing can help you to achieve greater rankings in Google but not for a long time. To achieve greater rankings for years keep doing link building to your website. Link building is the only process which offers period of time business oriented results.